The nature of our work as forensic accountants is such that we apply our training and experience to make accounting and business determinations within scenarios where conflict exists. This “conflict” can originate from various sources. Perhaps none are more basic than the fact that when multiple parties are involved in any given matter, one party’s objectives, points of view, and concerns are often different than those of the other party(ies) involved. When these disputes cannot be solved through the normal and ordinary course of business, they must be elevated to the legal environment for resolution. That may take the form of litigation, arbitration or mediation. At Pario, we have extensive experience in this realm, both as consultants and expert witnesses.

We have provided consulting services to attorneys and clients evaluating the necessity or cost-benefit of proceeding in litigation. More commonly though, we have been retained as experts, whereby we submit a report on independently and objectively determined opinions and testify in deposition, trial, or alternative dispute formats. We have been recognized as experts in numerous legal venues.

What is Pario's approach?

Opinions we form are drawn from a combination of the following: i) technical knowledge (accounting, finance, and economics), ii) investigative skills, and iii) business experience (both general and industry specific). The totality of this experience results in us looking to meet the following objectives for every case:

  • Seek sufficient, relevant evidence to be able to form an opinion
  • Provide an independent and objective opinion to be submitted to court
  • Simplify complex calculations in a manner that can be clearly understood by attorneys, judges, and – ultimately – juries
  • Present a report whose conclusions have an appropriate underlying basis or support which can be readily produced

Keys to the Pario Approach

We have found we are most productive when engaged early in a litigation process; especially when requests for financial documentation are being prepared during discovery. Additionally, assignments in legal matters are often shaped by the venue. We at Pario understand that and conduct our work within the rules specific to each of those venues. Those venues have included the following:

  • State Civil Court
  • State Chancery Court
  • State Criminal Court
  • Federal Civil Court
  • AAA / USA&M / JAMS Arbitration Panels