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Pario Forensic

Finding the right people to comb through financial data and understand financial information is crucial. The complex world of forensic accounting requires a trained eye and can make the critical difference when reaching resolution.

Pario is an independent accounting team that specializes in accounting matters and financial damages related to claims, investigations, and disputes. These may relate to insurance, legal, or corporate matters. However, the underlying nature of such matters is principally the same.

Pario’s team of credentialed professionals collaborates with clients to design an engagement scope that is specific to their needs, whatever they may be, and we are available wherever our clients do business.

Practice Areas

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Claim Adjusters and Claims Managers often find it is more efficient to engage an independent accountant to assist in the elements of claim adjustments that are intertwined with the accounting or financial condition of an insured.
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General Counsel, Chief Internal Auditors, Chief Risk Officers, and others in business enterprises have to live with the inherent risk of fraud. The threat always exists but the impact of fraud when it does occur can be lessened by hiring the right expert consultants. Pario’s team of fraud examiners combine investigation and accounting skills to create a methodology that is consistent, supportable, and forensic in nature and yields actionable results for clients.
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Attorneys have a need for all forms of technical expertise from consultants to witnesses. This is particularly true for matters involving finance and accounting. Pario provides clarity by simplifying the most complex financial concepts so that non-financial people can readily understand our opinions and determinations.

Pario strives to be an industry forerunner in providing thought leaderships and guidance to our clients on accounting implications arising from complex situations. We’ve led the industry with training from whitepapers to webinars and everything in between. Check out our resources for case studies, downloadable content, and more.