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About Us

At Pario, we combine our accounting knowledge with investigative skills in various settings, which enables us to provide objective and independent financial conclusions.

The demand for forensic accountants continues to be strong. Insurance claims grow more complex, because businesses have grown more sophisticated and complex. Also, the marketplace is truly global, with threats and potential disruptions to any business capable of appearing from sources not even contemplated by most business owners. Add to that, the exponential growth of data – some of which can be highly sensitive from a personal or business perspective – and almost all of which can be acquired by anyone with too much ease. Further, threats from fraudulent activity occurring within organizations continue to persist, as they always have. However, shareholders and government regulators are now growing increasingly demanding about organizations correcting not only the “bad act” and the related “bad actors”, but also reforming and remediating the environment within those organizations that allowed these actions to take place. And finally, litigation always remains a potential solution, one which can be costly and disruptive to ongoing business, and not always the voluntary choice of an organization to participate in. We at Pario are comfortable operating in this world of accidents, threats, dishonesty, and disputes; ready to help those organizations who are drawn into this world navigate through.

Pario’s assignments come from a variety of sources. We work with clients in the fields of insurance, legal, finance, and law enforcement amongst corporate, private, government, and not-for-profit sectors. Pario’s team of credentialed professionals offer over 100 years of combined experience in the forensic accounting world, which means we are equipped to meet your needs, whatever they may be. Learn more about our team in our biographies.